AirStep Plus Sheet Vinyl

Find AirStep Plus Sheet Vinyl in Tualatin, OR, and Portland, OR

  • Scotchguard Protector
    • Built-in soil and stain repellent
  • Antibacterial Protection
    • Contains silver, nature's own antibacterial protection
  • UltraTec Premium Construction

Color Line

58000 North Star Muslin Available as 12'
58001 North Star Sunwashed Available as 12'
58005 Woodland Chestnut Available as 12'
58010 Satin Cloud Mist Available as 12'
58011 Satin Cloud Blush Available as 12'
58020 Starlight Oasis Beige Available as 12'
58021 Starlight Sunstone Available as 12'
58024 Starlight Moonglow Available as 12'
58050 Unity Summer Solstice Available as 12'
Color Group Blue, Green, Purple
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Mid-Neutral
Color Group White, Off White
Design Style Traditional
Gloss 61 Low
Look Stone
Look Wood
Look Woodgrain
Type Sheet
Usage Residential
Wear Surface Urethane
Width(ft) 12